Running any type of business is tough. No two days are the same and every industry has its own challenges and pitfalls. While you may feel like you’re alone in trying to fix your major pain points, you’ll be surprised at how common some of them are – and how easy they are to fix by having the right talent available on demand.


Project needs – and required skillsets – are changing rapidly. Your business needs to be able to deliver and quickly adapt to meet evolving customer needs. Being inflexible can cost you market share.

At the same time, just because a particular service or skill is in demand right now, doesn’t necessarily mean it will be in three to six months’ time. So how do you ensure you can still deliver what’s needed now without over-investing when it may not be feasible to hire someone fulltime for something that’s just a ‘right now’ demand?

Partnering with Sapientis Advisory gives you the flexibility you need to meet these changing demands. You get immediate access to verified experts who are available for specific projects, long or short term contracts, depending on what you need – at a price point that suits your budget.


The right skills can be hard to find, to keep, and afford. But as top talent seek out new ways to control the way they work and the projects they work on, the nature of employment itself needs to evolve too.

Sapientis Advisory is a closed network of only the best consultants and freelancers who have been screened and vetted against strict criteria. This ensures the people you choose for your next project are proven top-performers who you can engage with directly to ensure the best results.


When the need to be flexible forces you to source talent and skills from outside your business, trust becomes paramount. Being able to trust that a third party will take your clients’ needs as seriously as you do is essential. Trusting that they will deliver what you need, on deadline is also a non-negotiable – but a good freelance candidate on paper doesn’t always translate into great work in practice.

Our goal at Sapientis is to remove any uncertainty and guesswork from hiring freelancers and independent consultants. Our platform gives you visibility of deliverables at all times with a milestone tracker and allows you to rate the consultants you use based on their performance. That’s how we ensure we list only the best talent Africa has to offer. Trust is the most important thing for us and our clients.

Reach out to us for a chat, and let’s get to work…