We have developed our recruitment services to be centred on our clients’ needs by providing not only the most suitably qualified candidates; but also the best fit candidates who will thrive in your environment. We blend our talent management and recruiting expertise, to source the best people for our clients at all levels, junior to senior and executive management, in a variety of industries including Oil & Gas, Engineering & Manufacturing, Finance & Administration, Retail and Consumer Goods.


Executive search

With appointments of a senior or specialised nature, we find this to be the most suitable process to locate candidates who meet a relatively narrow specification. Our knowledge of the industries and sectors we operate in is extensive, up to date and provides clients with a unique opportunity to quickly access the premium talent that may not be actively seeking opportunities. We do this while taking the utmost care and consideration for discretion and confidentiality.

Advertised searches

This approach, which involves print and internet media, is an avenue that cannot be neglected when pursuing qualified & talented candidates. It is effective for a variety of appointments including several at senior level and for professionals with niche skill sets. It is used to compliment the candidates sourced through executive search.

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Contracting services

Today’s fast-paced business environment demands quick reaction by highly professional organisations and this has created a growing need for interim managers & contracting professionals.

In this regard, we provide resources for fixed term contracts and projects. We have an expanding database of suitable candidates with proven capabilities allowing our clients to maximize opportunities by using temporary staff.

Talent Assessment

Hiring the wrong candidate, or promoting an existing employee within an organization without careful assessment, can have significant repercussions both financially and in terms of employee morale within the company. The most effective hiring decisions result from using a combination of processes that may include: pre-screening, psychometric assessments, and competency-based interviewing. This approach allows for the evaluation of the candidates skill sets in areas directly related to their professional competence.


What is Psychometric Assessment?

Broadly defined, psychometric assessment is the measurement of psychological characteristics in an individual using various tests and tools. Psychological characteristics measured include personality, behaviour and mental processes. This is in order to determine their intellectual abilities, aptitudes, interests, personality make-up and emotional functions amongst other things.

The areas which we can assess as well as examples of instruments that can be used (please note; this is not an exhaustive list)

  • Personality profiling (e.g. MBTI, OPQ, 16PF)
  • Emotional Intelligence profiling (e.g. EQ-2.0)
  • Integrity testing (e.g. GIOTTO)
  • Ability / Aptitude testing (verbal, numerical, spatial, mathematical, non-verbal, technical reasoning)
  • Cognitive Reasoning and Learning Potential (CPP, CPA, LPCAT)
  • Behavioural and Competency Assessments (e.g. in-baskets, simulation exercises, assessments centres, etc)

Benefits of using Psychometrics

  • Saves costs – Your organisation will save recruitment costs through hiring the right candidate the first time. The initial cost of the psychometric assessment is offset against the expense of a faulty recruitment decision.
  • Provides objective and scientific information about candidates – The evaluation of candidates using objective information results in everyone being treated equally and fairly. Assessments have been proven to offer greater objectivity, reliability and validity than traditional interviews.
  • Identifies strengths and development needs – The organisation can initiate development and training plans for individuals based on psychometric assessments. This can result in maximisation of potential and retention of employees.
  • Predicts behaviour – The use of psychometric assessments in an organisation has the potential to predict job performance and increase the organisation’s ability to measure human contribution to the organisation up front.